The Flat Iron School is amazing program that has taught me a multitude of skills for a path in programming. Amazing teachers and a welcoming community. I wanted to pass some advice to incoming students or those who are thinking about applying.


The labs are designed to reinforce what you learn for each day, you don’t have to do all of them but doing none of them will absolutely hinder you and make the code challenge harder.


All the lectures are recorded and posted so that you can go back…

Gems are super helpful in ruby and ruby on rails and have a multitude of uses. In case you can’t find one for your specific needs. Here’s how to make a ruby gem.

You start by creating a new project, creating a lib folder, you will create a [gemname].rb file where you will insert the code for your gem. You will also create a [gemname].gemspec file in your root directory(top most of the project).

In your gemspec file, you will need to put the following in, of course replacing certain words, like the name of the gem, your name and…

Writing and rewriting similar lines of code can be very tedious, but snippets can streamline that process. Snippets are shortcuts for lines of code, you use a trigger word and you can have a quick line of code or an entire base template. I’ll be specifically referencing JS JSX Snippets (by sky ran) on vscode, which has made coding in react a breeze.

To use a snippet shortcut, you press control+space on Mac, Linux and Windows and type in the trigger shortcut and press enter and the line will fill itself. Here are some examples:

Import Shortcuts

My original concept for this blog was about a self updating local JSON that backs up for a public API, but while figuring out the code for such a concept I realized two things. First, I realized “I’ve spent a long time just trying to figure out this one concept I really like, longer than I would spend on any one lab, maybe I should discuss how passion projects can help people really grasp material.“ …

William Badger

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